1. The boarders who will join the hostel before 30the June will have to pay thier dues from the month of June to May and boarders who will stay from 1st December onwards need not pay the dues from June to November 30th. Anybody leaving the hostel in the mid of the session will heve to pay his dues till the end of the session. However, the dues do not include mess dues which the boarder will have to pay from the date of his admission as a boarder. In all cases the hostel remains closed during the Puja Holidays and Summer Vacation. Boarders wishing to ramain in the hostel during the vacation or Puja Holidays should obtain special permission from the Superintended. For the purpose of college and University examination the Boarders may be allowed to stay for a part of the vacation with prior permission of the superintendent and the Principal on payment of hostel and other dues in advance for the period of the furniture & electrical goods supplied to them and they are liable to pay the damage charges in extra. Expenditure like electricity tariff shall be borne by the boarders.


Hostel Caution Money Rs. 600/- (Refundable)
Fess at the time of Admn Fees at the time of Re-Admn.
Sl.No Fess at the time of Admn Fees at the time of Re-Admn.
1 Admission Rs.100/- Rs.100/-
2 Development Rs.500/- Rs.200/-
3 Utensil Rs.100/ Rs.50/-
4 Furniture Rs.100/- Rs.50/-
5 Mess Establishment Rs.300/- Rs.100/-
6 Sanitation Rs.100/- Rs.50/-
7 Miscellaneous Fee Rs.300/- Rs.100/-
8 Newspaper & Magazine Rs.100/- Rs.100/-
9 Seat Rent (quarterly) Rs.1500/- Rs. 1500/-


1. No boarder shall be absent from the hostel during the study hours(from 7 A.M. to 9 A.M. and from 7 P.M to 9.30 P.M.) and after the night roll call at 10.30 P.M. without the prior permission of the Superintendent. A boarder can leave the hostel temporarily in an emergency after giving sufficient ground in the log book maintained in the Hostel.

2. During the study hours the boarders are expected to be in their seats and in no case should they cause disturbance to others by any action what-so-over.

3. There will be daily inspection by the Superintendent or in his absence, by his nominee, to ascertain the presence of the boarders in their respective rooms.

4. The prefect will be nominated by the Superintendent and will be in charge of the discipline of the boarders and the general cleanliness of the hostel wards.

5. Boarders in all cases should obtain permission of the Superintendent and the Principal before they take part in any association or meeting, outside the College. All movements, in fact, by the students whether for calling a meeting or circulating a notice or raising subscription must receive the prior permission of the superintendent.

6. The Superintendent has the power of censoring all reading materials brought into the hostel. The introduction of or keeping any objectionable matter and such things in the hostel will be regarded as a breach of discipline. All cases of gross misconduct should be reported to the Principal.

7. The Superintendent will maintain a conduct register of the boarders in which records of all fines and punishment will be maintained Gross misconduct of a boarder will render him liable to have his name entered in the Conduct Register maintained in the College.

8. The following will be considered as the breaches of discipline and will be dealt with fines and to the extent of removing a boarder from the hostel.

a) Absence from hostel without leave.
b) Continued neglect of studies.
c) Want of cleanliness & tidiness in the room.
d) Frequent absence from the hostel during the study hours.
e) Singing or playing any musical instrument except during the specified hours.
f) Holding of any meeting in the hostel without permission of the Superintendent or discussion on any subject in the meeting not previously approved by the Superintendent.
h) Misuse/disfiguring/displacement or destruction of any property of the Hostel.
i) Any other activity that is likely to be viewed by the Superintendent as indiscipline or misconduct.


Father and natural guardian of the boarder may be allowed to stay in the hostel for a maximum period of 24 hours with the prior permission of the Superintendent.


1. The hostel provides two meals a day- a lunch and a dinner. The Superintendent reserves the right to decide the menu and quality of meal keeping in view the interest of all the boarders. An individual boarder does have the right to choose his own menu.

2. A boarder is liable to pay for a minimum of 50 meals for a full calendar month. In case of vacation/holidays the minimum limit will be proprotionately reduced by the Superintendent and will be duly notified for the information of the boarders.

3. However a boarder who has been granted permission temporarily to leave the Hostel on medical ground or otherwise for more than a week by the Superintendent, is entitled to get a reduction of meal charges accordingly as decided by the Superintendent.

4. Irrespective of holidays or vacation all boarders are liable to pay mess establishment and light charges for the full calendar month.

5. There will be a Mess Committee consisting of 4 members, the elected Mess Secretary and three ordinary members nominated by the Superintendent. The mess committee will be changed every month...

6. Any misconduct or misbehaviour on the part of a boarder in the mess will be reported to the Superintendent by the Mess Secretary.

7. Mess cooks or servants can be discharged by the Superintendent only.

8. Meals are served to the boarders during specified hours. Only in special circumstances and in case of illness meals will be served in the room.

9. Boarders are expected to be civil towards mess cooks and servants. In case of misbehaviour and negligence of duty on the parts of the cooks and servants the fact will have to be reported to the Superintendent.

10. Boarders must be the members of the mess.

Women’s Hostel


There is a provision of Women’s hostel in the College having an authorised seats of fifty only. The procedure of admission to women hostel is purely on the basis of merit and distance.

Rules, Regulations & Fee Structure

1. The rules, regulations and fee structure is the same and at par with the boys hostel.

2. To organize exhibition and to recommend to the Principal the names of eminent persons to be invited to address the Union.

3. To take up such other activities proposed by the Union and approved by the Principal.


Every student on the College roll is a member of the Union.


a) All members of the Union shall pay an annual membership fee of Rs. 10.00( Rupees ten only)

b) The account of the union shall be subject to audit every year by a member of the staff appointed by the Principal.