Message from Principal

I am very much glad and delighted to lunch the WEBSITE ( of TALCHER AUTONOMOUS COLLEGE, TALCHER, replacing the old domain name This is a step to introduce the institution, keeping pace with the trend of digitalization, especially in the field of education that will enable to provide the information, facts and figure. The webpages explore the learner’s achievements and fresh new programmes designed to enrich all-round experiences, in order to meet the needs and interest of our community particularly of students and parents.

Hope, it (The WEBSITE) will remain resourceful and useful under public domain in disseminating prospective information to the incoming students to its fold, Guardians, Academicians, Government, Non-Government organizations, Stake Holders after all lovers of Education and Educational institutions in the society.


Sl.No Name Period
1. Sri Khitish Chandra Dev, MA (Tutorial College) 28.07.69 to 31.03.70
2. Sri Basant Ku. Rath, M.A. (Officiating) 01.07.70 to 20.02.72
3. Sri Kirtan Bihari Patnaik, M.A 21.02.72 to 28.11.75
4. Sri Narayan Ch. Das, M.Sc., OES(I) (On Deputation from Govt.) 29.11.75 to 11.06.76
5. Dr.Sadanand Torasia,M.Sc.,Ph.D.,OES(I)(On Deputation from Govt.) 12.06.76 to 25.11.77
6. Sri Prafulla Ch. Das, M.Sc., OES(I) (On Deputation from Govt.) 07.12.77 to 26.02.80
7. Sri Mukund Mishra, M.Sc., OES(I) (On Deputation from Govt.) 27.02.80 to 31.10.80
8. Sri Dibakar Sahu, M.A., OES(I) (On Deputation from Govt.) 03.12.80 to 23.12.82
9. Dr. J. N. Patnaik M.Sc., OES(I) (On Deputation from Govt.) 24.12.82 to 11.04.86
10. .Sri N. C. Nayak, M.Sc., OES(I) (On Deputation from Govt.) 12.04.86 to 14.10.87
11. Dr. S. M. Behera, M.Sc., Ph.D.,OES(I) (On Deputation from Govt.) 03.12.87 to 23.07.90
12. .Sri N. Dora, M.Sc., OES(I) (On Deputation from Govt.) 03.08.90 to 03.12.91
13. M. Debendra Rao, M.Sc. 23.12.91 to 03.03.97
14. .Md. Kaushar Ali, M.A. 03.03.97 to 15.05.99
15. .Dr. S. K. Kanungo, M.Sc., Ph.D.(Principal-in-charge) 15.05.99 to 06.12.00
16. Sri B. Sahu, M.A.(Principal-in-charge) 06.12.00 to 11.01.01
17. Dr. P. K. Singh, M.A., Ph.D. (I/C) 27.12.01 to 31.07.03
18. Dr. P. K. Singh, M.A., Ph.D. (I/C) 27.12.01 to 31.07.03
19. Sri A. P. Saran,M.A 01.08.03 to 30.07.08
20. Sri P. Sahoo, M.Com., M.Phil. (I/C) 30.07.08 to 30.09.08
21. Sri Purusottam Das, M.A. 01.10.08 to 31.07.14
22. .Smt. Basanti Satapathy, M.A.01.08.14 to 31.03.15
23. Dr. G. S. Mahapatra, M.A,M.Phil,Ph.D 01.04.15 to 31.03.16
24. Sri Biranchi Narayan Das, M.Sc. 01.04.16 to 31.8.17
25. Sri Basant Kumar Sahu,MSc 01.09.17 to 30.04.2019
26. Sri. Dillip Kumar Pradhan,MA 01.05.2019 to 31.08.2019
27. Prof. Ashok Ku. Sharma, M.Com,LLB 01.09.2019 to 31.07.2020
28. Sj. Tripurari Nath, M.A. M.Phil I/C 01.08.2020 to 04.10.2020
29. . Dr. Raghunath Rath, M.Sc,LLB,Ph.D 05.10.2020 to Continue

# Name From Date To Date