1. Tuition fee is payable by 3.00 p.m. on the days fixed for collection otherwise it has to be paid with a fine of Re. 1.00 (one rupee) on the last working day of the month. Failure to pay within the month will entail the removal of the defaulters name from the rolls.

2. All fines including those imposed on grounds of discipline should be realised along with the tuition fee.

3. Defaulters paying their tuition fees the next month but before their names are struck off the rolls have to pay default fine of Re. 1.00. After the removal of the names from the college rolls they shall have to pay readmission fees equivalent to one month’s tuition fee.

4. Readmission fee cannot be exempted.

5. College tuition fee alongwith other charges, if any, for the remaining months of the academic session will be realised from a student before he/she is allowed to fill up the application form for the Council Examination.

6. Declaration of the results of a College Examination is withheld for non-payment of College dues.