1) The college is enrolled as a Youth Red Cross Group with the Indian Red Cross Society, Odisha Branch . Annual subscription of Rs.5/- is collected from each student towards the Youth Red Cross Fund.


2) a) Service to the sick and suffering.
b) Promotion of health.
c) International friendliness.


3) Students who have the spirit of service to the sick and suffering and who want to become active members of the Youth Red Cross have to apply for membership & get their names enrolled.


4) Special emphasis is laid on the following activities :-
a) Service to the sick and Suffering
b) Practice of the personal health habits
c) College hygiene – cleanliness of class rooms, grounds and up keep of college garden.
d) Community hygiene, taking of works of hygiene and cleanliness in the nearby villages.

5) Youth Red Cross activities are moderated by executive committee consisting of a minimum of five and maximum of eleven members. The committee so elected will elect from among themselves a chairman, a vice-chairman, a Secretary and Joint-Secretary. The term of the committee will be one year.

6) The Youth Red Cross counselor appointed by the Principal from among the member of staff will be entitled to attend meetings of the executive committee and to guide the deliberation.

7) Meetings of the committee should be held at least once a month and relative rules of business may be framed by the committee.